"Knowing what you don't know, knowing the pattern of your ignorance, can be as valuable as knowing what you do know." (p. 106)
According to Nobelist I. I. Rabi, "The only interesting fields of science are the ones where you still don't know what your talking about." (p. 106)

The hole is a very simple pattern that everyone recognizes, but there is much more to the hole then meets the eye. From such simple, recognizable patterns we learn to group what we feel and think, and that directs us toward our ability to make predictions. Amazingly enough, predictions do not always hold true and that is the place of creativity. This place of creativity where we journey to new meaning and different dimensions that we have not discovered before. This complexity of patterns is the place of unexpected surprises.

When is a chimney not a chimney?

When it is smoking.

Logic puzzles:
No door out, no door in. How do I get out?

You are so vain, your veins are showing.

It is a well know fact that all people recognize faces, but we also need to be aware that faces represent much more then we are aware of.

For example:

optical_illusion2.jpg www.newopticalillusions.com/.../

What do you see?
Look again. What do you really see?



What do you see here?


Your ability recognize more complex patterns is only limited by your ability to let your senses and your imagination soar. The magic of patterns allows us to paint pictures and feeling in many magical ways and even a word can create complex imaginings.

What do your senses tell you when you hear the word summer? Fall? Monday Morning? Homework? Students? Finals? Grades?

The more we practice recognizing patterns, the more we become able to pull together our sensory experiences and that is how creativity develops and we gain a higher degree of memory, comprehension, and sensitivity. Of course we must learn to question, question, question, as we look, listen, and feel.

As Validmer Nabokov said, "I appeal to parents: never never say, " Hurry up", to a child." (p. 114)




What's happening here?