"Making patterns for oneself is a lot more fun than memorizing - and a lot more valuable" (Root-Bernstein Sparks P. 135)

Patterns are formed when ones structural element, or functional operation is placed in a manner that creates flow and change. The combined parts are different then the separate parts. Perhaps the patterns are already in existence, but were overlooked because no sense or order had been made of them.

The different colors form the patterns and there is a sense of order created. The resulting visual presentation takes on rhythmic movement.

When we apply pattern forming to education, the ability to bridge patterns should/could flow from one discipline area to another because pattens are there in all subject matter if we desire to create them. We must question, explore, create through feelings, intuition, and expectation of change. A wider base of understanding and knowledge is gained by creating more patterns to express and define our experiences of the world. All things that are complex started with something that was simple.


MC Escher's Official Website

Escher inspired videos

  • (Maggie) There are many how-to videos available to show the creation of these patterns. I was amazed at the simplicity.